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                         Thiru K.Kamaraj was born in a poor family in 1903 in Virudupatti.He gave up his education at an early age and was attracted by the India's Independence Movement.He then joined the Indian National Congress and took active part  in Freedom Struggle.

                          After Independence , he was elected as the Chief Minister of TamilNadu.During his tenure as the Chief Minister of TamilNadu, he constructed several dams.He contributed immensely for the industrial growth of the state.He was the root cause for introducing Noon Meals scheme to the poor students of Tamil Nadu.This scheme was introduced in the year 1956 to all the primary schools .Primary facilities were provided to people of all classes during his period.He was very particular in the upliftment of Adi Dravidars.

                            In 1960,he introduced  a scheme of Free Education up to standard eleven and provided a golden opportunity for everybody to learn.He also introduced Pension Scheme for teachers and Government employees.     Kamaraj  insisted  that every youth must actively participate in politics and he relieved himself from the post of    Chief Minister, thereby setting himself an example to others.He was then elected as the President of All India  Congress Committee.His voice was always given due respect  and he was used to be called as "THE KING MAKER OF THE GOVERNMENT".

   Thiru.Kamaraj was also the recipient of the country's highest award -"THE BHARATH RATHNA".He lead a very simple life during his lifetime and set an example to all other citizens of the nation.


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